1996-1998: self-directed study, focusing on glaze chemistry, the history of ceramics and ancient pottery production techniques

1999-2002: apprentice to David Krindle, Alan Lacovetsky, and Kirk Creed, master wood- fire potters

2008-2010: Creative Roads Conference-annual Professional development conference for artists who teach, sponsored by the Manitoba Arts Council

-focusing on how to work with teachers/administrators, teaching techniques for children with FASD, workshops in many different mediums

2012- screen printing course with Martha Street Studios

Professional Experience

1999-present-self-employed artist, working primarily in porcelain, creating sculpture and functional work.

2002-present-teacher of various methods of working with clay and the technical aspects there-in, to many ages and walks of life; teaching private, semi-private and group classes.

2005-06-pottery studio director at the St. Norbert Arts Centre

2004-2015-coordinator/promoter/manager of The Holidaze Craft Show, a yearly fine craft holiday showcase featuring quality emerging and establish fine craft artists

2003 studio assistant professional potter, Steve Jorgensen

1999-2002 studio assistant to David Krindle, wood-firing assistant with David Krindle and Alan Lacovetsky, between long-term study trips Nova Scotia and Great Britain

2001-co-op studio member in Halifax

2001 studio assistant to Carol Smeraldo-professional potter in Nova Scotia. 


2002, May: Piano Nobile Gallery, Winnipeg Concert Hall(Main St., Wpg)- with David Krindle

2006, May: Spring Show at the St. Norbert Arts Centre Gallery(Wpg.)-

                 solo show consisting of functional and sculptural porcelain

2008 &2010: Manitoba Craft Council Spring Show at The Cre8ery Gallery(Wpg.)

2008 & 2010: 99 pieces of Art on the Wall at The Cre8ery Gallery(Wpg.)

2011: The Burn Crew-an Exhibition of Wood-Fired Pottery, at The Cre8ery Gallery(Wpg.)

2012-2015(Annual Show): For The Love of Craft, Spring Members showcase with the Manitoba Craft Council, at The Cre8ery Gallery(Wpg.)

2012 (March-June): 3 Faces/3 Functions: collection at The Cre8ery's Auxilliary Gallery(2012)

2013: Piece-I Must Have This' chosen for province wide gallery tour by Manitoba Arts Network.

2016: Piece-Trying to Understand(read between the lines)Chosen by jury committee for Manitoba Craft Council for 'Best', their annual juried show , showcasing the best in Manitoba Fine Craft

2017: images of 4 sculptural pieces chosen for the Canadian Craft Federation Canada 150 Excellence in Canadian Craft social media campaign

2017: juried selection of work made collaboration Debra Frances Handbook selected for the retail space at C2 Centre for Craft by the Manitoba Craft     Council

Notable Commissions:

-100 pieces for Canadian musician, Steve Bell's 25th anniversary project, 'Pilgrimage'

-Custom commission for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Boutique

-44 pieces purchased by the Aboriginal Consultant to Manitoba Gov't Mining and Minerals to be given as gifts to    international speakers at their annual conference

-60 custom pieces purchased by north America's longest standing independent Radio station, CKUW, to be given as gifts to donors



Manitoba Craft Council member 1999-present



Starting in 1996, my education in the ceramic arts was unique and exciting. After two years of independent study, I apprenticed for 4 years with Manitoba masters of wood-fired pottery, David Krindle, Alan Lacovetsky and Kirk Creed. Being excellent teachers of this age-old craft, they set me on the path for an artistic career rich in experience and knowledge.

I have studied and practiced in Manitoba, the Maritimes, Ireland and Great Britain. In 2005/6 I was artist-in-residence at the St. Norbert Arts Centre. Since 2009, I have maintained my own studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba's beautiful and historic North End.

During my career as a self-employed artist, I have set up various studios, built various raku and wood-burning kilns, sold work in many venues, coordinated/promoted many exhibitions and  ran high-end, fine-craft markets. Currently, I continue to create a line of fine porcelain tableware and scultpure. I am continually inspired by the ultimate pliable of ceramic material and myriad of forms it can take.

Over the years, I have taught many people, of many ages and walks of life. I have helped them to discover various methods of creating with clay, as well as many technical aspects, such as, making glazes, and building kilns. Since January of 2016, I have been an instructor of private and semi-private classes in my studio.

My work has been taken all over the world, and can be found in the homes of many celebrities, like, among others, Ashley CallingBull, Al Simmons, Fred Penner, and Stuart Mclean. I have received large commissions from organizations like The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Steve Bell and Signpost Studios,  Neechi Commons and The Aboriginal Commission for Mining and Minerals. In the spring of 2016, one of my sculptures was accepted in the 2016 Manitoba Craft Council's juried exhibition, 'Best', featuring the best in Manitoba's fine, contemporary craft. In 2015, The Manitoba Arts and Cultural Network chose one of my works for a special, province-wide touring exhibition. 

In 2011, I filled the role of artistic director/technician for the animation short, 'The History of Stand-Up Comedy'. Written and directed by Winnipeg film maker, Neil McArthur, this Claymation film was accepted to The Montreal World Film Festival. For this project, I designed and created characters, set pieces and architectural back-drops. In September of 2015, McArthur, now the Director for the Centre of Ethics at the University of Manitoba, sent another commission-to create life-size busts for his new stage play, "Let Me Freeze Your Head". This project continues to tour and many globally and always receives top reviews and high acclaim.

One never stops learning. As an artist, I am joyful in the challenge of new mediums and ideas, and believe it is a privilege to share my skills and my work.