Each piece in Karen Taylor's  new collection are original works and are crafted by the artist.

All works are created in fine porcelain, and glazed with precious earth minerals.

All dinner and table ware is of food-grade quality.

She creates her wood-fired pieces at Oak hammock Pottery with David Krindle( http://stonewaregallery.com/artists/davidkrindle/) and

 Alan Lakovetsky( http://stonewaregallery.com/artists/alanlacovetsky/ )

 All prices are in Canadian funds. 

If you are interested in purchasing or renting an original work from Ms. Taylor's on-line gallery, please email


Finding Balance


porcelain, carved, slip-trailed 

height: 14 inches

width: 8 inches


collection of the artist 



Standing in the Wind & Rain

porcelain, coil-built, oxides and glaze

height: 14in

width: 10in



Trying to Understand(reading between the lines

porcelain, carved, slip-trailed

H:14 inches

width at base:10 inches


Walking Through the Fire


porcelain, unerglazes, 18k gold enam

height:  24 inches

depth: 12 inches






Espresso set

porcelain with 18k gold, cobalt and iron glaze

includes 2 cup/saucers, canister, scoop and tray


Shot set


porcelain with copper and cobalt glaze, leather, brass, bronze

set includes shot mug, bronze chain, flask w/cork, and hand-made leather belt strap.


Espresso set

porcelain, 18k gold accent

set includes 2 cup/saucers, canister, scoop, tray(not shown)



Dark Tower


H:36 inches

W:10 inches




cobalt black vase with melted glass

height:  24 inches

width:  9 inches




Water Fall


wood-fired vase with ash glaze and drips

height: 12 inches

width:  7 inches


collection of the family




wood-fired porcelain mask, free-standing

H: 24inches

W:12 inches



Rain Storm


wood-fired vase with ash glaze and drips

height:  24 inches

width: 10






porcelain paper-clay

wood-fired mask with pinched relief and ash glaze, wall-mounted

depth: 13 inches

width: 8 inches





wood-fired vessel

with ash melt and carbon trapping

height:3 inches

depth: 3 inches                                           






 wood-fired bowl with carving and ash glaze

width: 13 inches

depth: 5 inches                                       





wood- fired ,with fire markings and carbon trapping

height: 4 inches

width: 4 inches