Hundreds of people have added that special touch of the hand-crafted object to thier lives and the lives of others with Ms. Taylor's original artworks.

Here is what a few of her collectors had to say about living with Karen Taylor Fine Art Porcelain.

“Karen Taylor is a special talent. Her years of dedication have resulted in really wonderful pieces. I've been fortunate enough to watch her skills develop. I'm so impressed with the fine work she is creating these days. She ranks among the very best at what she does. All generations of my family enjoy using her stunning porcelain on a daily basis. A great object of beauty that can be enjoyed often and shared with others.....that’s what I've gotten each time I've purchased Karen's work. She's got the touch, the jam, the feel and I highly recommend an investment in her beautiful creations. I treasure mine.”

-R. Anderson

“Energetically, it is completely different to eat from or have your food served in handmade pottered pieces. Pottery is alive, unique and conveys artistry of creation... Pottery allows us to celebrate the influence of nature on the imaginative capacity of the potter. Something to be celebrated and to interact with everyday. Thank you Karen for bringing joy and life in our home with your work.” -N. Pambrun


“The trail of the fingers immortalized in the earth after fire, Karen Taylor's approach to ceramics is meant to utilized and appreciated in the intimacy of your home.” -J. Baerg

“I am always attracted to an artist's work, not based on any particular medium, but based on my feeling that it is an honest and singular expression. I know every time I hold a piece by Karen in my hands that it is beautiful and honest." -P. Keenan

"My wife and I have several pieces of Karen's porcelain in our home. Quite often, when we entertain, people comment on how the pottery on display is so beautiful. It ultimately turns out to be one of Karen's pieces!" -J. McLennan

“My beautiful salad bowl ALWAYS gets plenty of compliments at potlucks!!! Now if only someone would compliment my food! Ha ha Thank you for the beautiful work Karen, it's appreciated where ever it goes!” -C. Gebert

"We picked up some of Karen's goblets with the intention of having them for special occasions, only to find that every time we enjoy a glass of wine, they are the vessels we naturally grab. Every one is unique and add character to our home. Cheers!" -T. Stozek and M. Schram


'My morning is just not the same if it doesn't start with coffee in a Karen Taylor mug.'  -G.  Whiteman

 'I have a number of Karen Taylor's pottery pieces; tea pot and cups, large crock and small dishes with lids. They are all beautiful aesthetically and practically. eg. the tea pot feels great in hand and pours well, the lids fit perfectly, the finishes are smooth and solid with creative colours. It is lovely to look around ones home and find art in use." -J. Reimer

“My brother loved his Karen Taylor porcelain mug with lid! He uses it everyday to keep his coffee hot while studying.” -K. MacKenzie